Family Dynamics

345213941Mia got triggered… again.

It was during a family gathering when the conversation flipped to her career.

Mia’s parents started in with their familiar storm of criticism. Instantly, a wave of doubt and inadequacy surged through her, a visceral tightness gripping her chest. All those memories about how her achievements never measured up flooded in.

The constant comparisons, the explosive anger, the tense silent treatment…

“Am I never enough for them?” she agonized. “No matter what I do, I’m still a disappointment.”

Mia’s heart was racing. “Should I argue back?” she contemplated, feeling the heat of defiance and injustice surge to her cheeks.

Then, her “rational voice” chimed in…

“That never works. Maybe I should just leave. I can’t handle this right now.”

The internal conflict heightened as her desire to stand her ground battled her fear of another explosive confrontation.

“I’m a grown-ass woman. Why do they still have this power over me!?” she asked herself. “Ugh. I feel like a kid again, always letting them down.”

2165459509Trapped in an intense cycle of not feeling good enough…

The family gathering transformed into an emotional battlefield, and Mia had no weapons to defend herself.

There she sat with a sinking feeling in her gut: “Why did I even come? It’s the same shit every time!”

Mia made a sarcastic, self-deprecating joke, and the subject shifted to the latest family gossip. They moved on, but Mia felt stuck in a funk – like her mind had pulled the emergency break and shut down the engines for the night.

“What is wrong with me?” swirled around in her mind the whole way home.

When love hurts…

You love your parents, of course, but a small part of you has always felt somewhat different from them – like you’re the black sheep of the family. It can be isolating and lonely.

You’re starting to wonder if it’ll ever get easier – if your parents will ever treat you like the successful, full-grown adult you are. You also can’t help but ask yourself if and when you’ll ever be able to stand up for yourself.

From what you know about how they were raised, their treatment of you makes sense. But you don’t want to continue these toxic cycles.

It ends with you.

61c2ca5eLet’s find your path forward.

We’ll use something called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), but don’t worry about the name…

Just imagine coming into a warm, welcoming space right from the comfort of your coziest chair.

It’s not your typical therapy session. It’s like connecting with a friend who gets it – who sees the intersections of your unique identities… and who’s on a mission to create a safe space for you to be authentically you.

When you’re here, there’s no filter needed!

During our sessions…

Together, we’ll use EMDR to gently and compassionately explore your family dynamics and break those generational cycles that no longer serve you.

We’ll chat about specific family memories, using gentle eye movements or tapping to help shift how those experiences weigh on you.

We’ll create a space where you can rewrite your role in the family narrative and break free from patterns holding you back.

Let’s make your journey one of understanding, healing, and finding your own narrative that feels aligned with who you are.

2090722084Imagine a new you…

After a few months of crushing therapy like a boss, stepping back into a family gathering holds a different energy.

The once-overwhelming waves of doubt and inadequacy have become more manageable, allowing you to approach these situations with newfound strength and resilience.

Criticisms that used to feel so heavy now carry less weight, and you navigate the family dynamics with a sense of grounded self-assurance.

In this transformed space, you find the emotional battleground evolving into an opportunity for growth and self-expression. Your boundaries are clearer, and your responses carry a newfound clarity.

Instead of feeling like a kid again, you stand tall in your authenticity.

Reclaim your power and redefine your story…

Your narrative deserves a plot twist that’ll leave you feeling empowered, not defeated.

This isn’t just about healing; it’s about transforming, getting to know the real you, and breaking these damn generational cycles.

Your journey to liberation starts now!

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Note: Any names used herein are fictitious and represent a composite of client circumstances, not actual clients.